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Setting up myGov to Manage an ABN

Step 1 – Log in to myGov using the personal user name and password. If the myGov account is not already set up, then click on ‘Create an account’ and follow the prompts.

Step 2 – Link either the ATO, Centrelink, or Medicare to use Manage ABN Connections. This can be done by selecting ‘Link your first service’ from the home screen, and following the prompts.

Alternatively, there will be prompts to set this up before connecting an ABN.

To link the ABN, select ‘Account Settings’ located at the top of the myGov screen.

Step 3 – Under the ‘General Settings’, select ‘Manage ABN Connections’.

Step 4 – There will be a prompt to link the myGov account to the ATO, Centrelink, or Medicare, and also the choice to get a code sent to the mobile when signing in.

Step 5 – Once these have been linked to one of the required member services and the mobile security codes are turned on, select ‘Connect an ABN’.

Step 6 – There will be a redirection to the ‘Connect an ABN’ page. Here selection can be made ‘using your personal details’ option and click on ‘start connection process’.

To use the personal details, the person must be identified as an eligible associate for the ABN on the Australian Business Register, or authorised to act on behalf of a business. For more information on eligible associates visit

Step 7 – Enter the ABN of the business and/or the person acting on behalf of with the Tax File Number to continue.

Read the declaration carefully and then select: ‘Declare and Submit’.

The ABN is now connected and the myGov credential can be used to access the business portal.

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