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Health & Wellbeing - How to get Balance

Everyone talks about balance. It seems to be the solution to reaching optimal mental health and something easy to attain, doesn’t it?

Balance and Bookkeeping

When looking at a set of accounts in a business, it is simply what hits one side must hit the other. Can’t balancing life be the same?

In practice this method does not work, and cannot work! Between juggling the family and business, there is little left for you; then coming up with the approach that putting others first and giving them all of your time and energy will solve any impending problems you have because balance will naturally happen.

However this only works for as long as it takes to come crashing down around you, and the balance that you thought you had was never there to begin with. To compound this, every little thing starts to bother you, bit by bit, until being out one dollar in the bank reconciliation is enough to pull out your hair. By this stage, balance is impossible to obtain and, even with the subtle suggestions from those around you, it seems unexpected.

Why does it have to be so hard – right? Well, it isn’t.

Having balance in your life is not about doing what is right for everyone in the same way, at the same level, all of the time and every single day… even though for some strange reason this is what is regularly attempted.

Balance is simpler than that.

The First Part
  • Think of life as a pie. There are several sections that represent each area of your life but as much as you would like to make each section the same, it just does not work.

  • This is not a problem as this will fluctuate throughout the day, week and month.

The Second Part
  • This is the time spent in each area. Do not look at what can be achieved over a day and try for balance in a 24 hour period.

  • Look over a month and then a week. This is a lot more realistic and will allow you to step away from potentially feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

The Third Part
  • To put this in action is simply about priorities.

  • What top 5 things are important in your life?

  • Whatever they are, place you as number one, then the others numbered two through to five.

  • This is your pie.

At the start of each month, or a date that works for you, write down the goals you would like to achieve for each of these areas, including you. This must be achieved within the month. Then look at breaking this down into four areas, being one task per week.

At the end of this time you will have accomplished balance; without stress, without overwhelm, and it took less than you thought.

That is the secret to balance. Balance is reached over time, not in a moment. It is whatever works for you, specific to you and your life. As long as you put “you” at the top, the rest will fall into balance.

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