Fair Work best practice guides aim to help small businesses and employees with a range of workplace issues. By adopting best practice initiatives, employers and employees can achieve happier, fairer and more productive workplaces.

Each guide has a checklist to help achi...

Source: FWO - Annual leave & sick leave during workers compensation

Annual Leave & Sick Leave During Workers Compensation

Workers compensation laws are different for:

  • each state and territory; and

  • Commonwealth employees.

Does annual leave accumulate during work...

New Fair Work Regulation

From 18th December 2018, employees incorrectly classified as a casual maybe be entitled to an offset payment against NES entitlements, of the annual leave the casual should have received.

As stated by Fair Work, the new regulation applies where a...

Small Business Ombudsman recommends change to Small Business industrial relations.

Practical and realistic solutions that attempt to make it simpler for businesses' to do the right thing and build their confidence to employ, which is what the economy needs.

“Some of thes...

October 3, 2018

The Fair Work Commission has approved a new unpaid leave entitlement for employees dealing with family and domestic violence.

This came into effect on 1 August 2018.

The New Entitlement

Employees covered by an award that includes this clause are entitled to 5 days unpaid...

August 1, 2018

Proper Record Keeping is the ‘Bedrock of Compliance’


Fair work has long acknowledged that record keeping can be quite involved and tedious, but it has been acknowledged by the courts that record-keeping is the “bedrock of compliance with the Fair Work Act and the...

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ATO Lodgement Dates

These dates are from the ATO website and do not take into account possible extensions.

You remain responsible for ensuring that the necessary information is with us in time.

BAS/IAS Monthly Lodgement

– March Activity Statement:

21st April 2019 final date for lodgement and payment.

BAS/IAS Monthly Lodgement

– April Activity Statement:

21st May 2019 final date for lodgement and payment.

BAS/IAS Monthly Lodgement

– May Activity Statement:

21st June 2019 final date for lodgement and payment.

3rd Quarter of FY 2019: 

BAS Lodgement:

- March Quarter (including PAYGI) 

28th April 2019 final date for lodgement & payment.

4th Quarter of FY 2019: 

BAS Lodgement:

– June Quarter (including PAYGI) 

28th July 2019 final date for lodgement & payment.

When a due date falls on a Saturday, Sunday or Public Holiday, you can lodge or pay on the next business day.

A public holiday is a day that is a public holiday for the whole of any state or territory in Australia.

Due date for super guarantee contributions, for:

3rd Quarter of FY 2019:

January to March 2019

- contributions must be in the fund by 28th April 2019.

4th Quarter of FY 2019 

April to June 2019

- contributions must be in the fund by 28th July 2019.

The super guarantee charge is not a tax deduction if not paid by these dates.

Refer to the ATO for details regarding any SGC charges applicable if not paid by due date.

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